Network Management, Monitoring, and Fast Response​

BranchSDO offers flexible delivery models for your business. But regardless if you opt for a self-managed or fully managed solution, the NOC (Network Operations Center) is always a phone call or e-mail away to support you with new deployments, policy changes, configurations, and threat mitigation across locations.​

Your Team of Experts

With Netsurion, you're backed by a robust NOC delivering end-to-end support.

Network Operations Center diagram

The Human Element​​

Netsurion's NOC is trained for the services provided and the technologies used to provide those services. Network and security subject matter experts can be found on our design team, as well as network security analysts and engineers in the NOC who operate circuits, the cloud-delivered next-gen firewall service, and branch-based security and connectivity failover policies.​​

NOC and SOC Interoperability​

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation drive speed and efficiencies to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to network security threats, but it takes cybersecurity experts to detect a breach caused by an advanced threat that a machine alone cannot catch. A multi-layered security strategy must include the talent to review and analyze logs to detect traffic anomalies and security incidents. Our SOC escalates threats to our NOC who in turn, remediate the issue, or alert your team to mitigate appropriately.​​​

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Solution Overview​

The Network Operations Center is just one capability of our managed secure edge networking platform, BranchSDO.​​​

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Our managed platform approach to cybersecurity gives you unmatched flexibility and scalability. Check out our Solution Advisor Wizard to customize a managed secure edge networking solution that fits your business needs.

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