Secure Cellular for SD-Branch

When your business-critical systems rely on Internet connectivity, any network disruption can impact your company in lost revenue, productivity, and customer loyalty. No single Internet connection can deliver 100% uptime. So, it isn’t a matter of if your business will lose Internet connectivity, but when and how will you protect your business from disruption. In cases where businesses can't wait for traditional wired connections to be installed, 4G LTE as a primary connection can provide a competitive advantage and accelerate success.

SD-Branch with Integrated Cellular

BranchSDO integrates secure cellular connectivity directly into the SD-WAN edge device with cellular data plans included.

  • Failover connection maintenance
  • Dynamic link switching
  • Real-time failover monitoring
  • Failover and usage alerts
POS Secure Failover diagram

How to Succeed When Connectivity Fails

Do you know what questions to ask when evaluating 4G LTE Failover solutions? Careful selection of a failover solution is critical, as not all failover solutions include the same set of capabilities. To help you make a sound decision, download our comprehensive whitepaper to get guidance on the critical considerations you need to make when evaluating failover connectivity options.


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