EventTracker​™ Platform

Gain a full predict, prevent, detect, and respond cybersecurity model.​ Leverage a threat protection platform that is built from the ground up with machine learning and multiple layers of defense.

<strong>EventTracker</strong>​™ Platform

How does the Managed Platform Approach Work?

Our sensor-based platform connects to our data center while your team and our SOC access the cloud console. At any time, additional security controls can be enabled and consumed as a service.


  • Cloud Console
  • Data Center
  • SIEM/EPP Sensor


  • Threat Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Intrusion Detection


  • Security Operations Center
  • Threat Hunting
  • Incident Response
  • Compliance Support

Defense-in-Depth Capabilities​

Powerful and practical cybersecurity requires a defense-in-depth approach. There is no silver bullet. EventTracker considers every attack vector and attack surface within your IT infrastructure.

Award Winning Innovation​

SC Media
CRN 2020
SC Recommended
G2Crowd 2019

The Human Element​

Technology alone isn’t the answer.​

Get the best of both worlds with our ISO-certified SOC working hand-in-hand with you and driving our own AI-embedded threat protection platform.​

Managed Threat Protection​

See EventTracker in Action

Take a closer look at the threat protection platform behind our managed service. With a little bit of information about your business challenges, we can customize a demo to answer the questions most important to you and your team.

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Want to see EventTracker by Netsurion in action?

Want to see EventTracker by Netsurion in action?

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