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It’s understandable that the primary goal of any healthcare practice is to keep their patients healthy and safe. But what about keeping their patients’ data safe too?

All too frequently, this responsibility is not given its appropriate attention, but with the data breaches headlines that healthcare made in 2015, we think it’s time they start making data security a priority.

We get it… to those who don’t fully understand it, data security can seem complicated or just another expense. But every patient needs to have peace of mind that their data is safe when they step into a doctor’s office and fill out a long form filled with information such as social security, date of birth, home address, credit card payment and all the valuable personal information that healthcare practices keep.

Secure your data. Protect your practice.

That’s why Netsurion makes it simple and affordable to maintain strong data security and HIPAA compliance, while healthcare practices can continue to focus on one thing: keeping patients healthy! Learn more.