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Can you simply buy a “SIEM solution”? Turns out you really cannot, no matter how hard you try nor how passionately the vendor promises. What you can buy at the store is a SIEM tool, which is a completely different thing. SIEM tools are products, while implementing a security or compliance solution involves people, process, and technology. SIEM tools are a critical part of SIEM, but they’re not the whole solution.

Security processes – unlike appliances, software and services – cannot be acquired in exchange for cash. They can only be established by an organization and then mature to an appropriate level. Developing a policy, as well as operational procedures for SIEM, is an important task that has to be handled by the security team.

Over the past decade in working with SIEM technology, this is the one unescapable lesson: People + Process is synonymous with that portion of the iceberg that is under the waterline (not visible and frankly, very large). It has caused very large unsinkable ships to go down (think Titanic).

And it is a problem that our Managed Threat Protection solution was expressly designed to solve. Let us help you strengthen your security defenses, respond effectively, control costs, and optimize your team’s capabilities.

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