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Here’s our list of the Top 5 SIEM complaints:

  1. 1) We bought a security information and event management (SIEM) system, but it’s too complicated and time-consuming, so we’re:
    • a) Not using it
    • b) Only using it for log collection
    • c) Taking log feeds, but not monitoring the alerts
    • d) Getting so many alerts that we can’t keep up with them
    • e) Way behind because the person who knew about the SIEM left
  2. 2) We’re updating technology and need to retrain to support it
  3. 3) It’s hard to find, train and retain security expertise
  4. 4) We don’t have enough trained staff to manage all of our devices
  5. 5) We don’t have trained resources to successfully respond to a security incident

What’s an IT Manager to do?

Get a co-managed solution, of course.

Here’s our’s. It’s called SIEM Simplified.

Billions of logs analyzed daily. See what we’ve caught.