Enhance Incident Response with Human Expertise and Automation​

Successful Incident Response (IR) centers on our customers who know their business and cybersecurity posture best. We provide guided response and enlist partners for hands-on Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR). As part of the cybersecurity threat model, Netsurion offers both automated response by our Open XDR platform and guided remediation by our 24×7 SOC.

Expand Resiliency with Automated Incident Response

Automation Incident Response accelerates threat correlation and reduce recovery time when minutes matter. Automated response capabilities like workflows improve productivity and effectiveness and can be used to chain together seemingly disparate raw data for greater cybersecurity insights. Our SOC experts work with you to create a more efficient response that uses less of your organization’s resources. Our automated response triage includes:​

  • Terminating unknown processes immediately​
  • Monitoring propagation of suspected malware​
  • Suspending accounts that violate policies​
  • Generating an incident report in your management platform​
Expand Resilience
Boost Guided Remediation

SOC Experts Boost Guided Remediation

Effective risk remediation depends on accurate and easy-to-understand data. We provided guided remediation steps that thoroughly outline your risk score, technical insights, threat intelligence feedback, results of system, user, and administrator monitoring, and any remediation actions or countermeasures to take. We collaborate with you recommend high priority actions and provide holistic threat context.​ ​

Streamline Processes with an Incident Response Playbook ​

The Netsurion SOC escalates and reports incidents in a wide variety of ways. A templated Incident Response (IR) Playbook is shared with Customers for their customization. Such playbooks are useful to guide the Customer’s IT staff on remediation procedures. These playbooks are also used to implement a speedy automated incident response.​

Track Risks for Continuous Incident Response Improvement

Our comprehensive Risk Register outlines any infrastructure gaps to track your cybersecurity posture and progress. It also serves as a roadmap for continuous improvement over time, including minimizing the likelihood of incident response and preventing subsequent attacks.​

Incident Response Improvement

Talk to a Cybersecurity Advisor

Looking to optimize your cybersecurity posture with Managed XDR? Choosing the right partner is crucial. Talk to a Cybersecurity Advisor to see if we’re a fit.