Threat Hunting Strengthens Your Defenses

Threat hunting uncovers threats you might miss until a data breach occurs, often months later. Organizations may be unsure of where to begin with threat hunting or are already stretched thin handling day-to-day security operations. Threat hunting is an integral component of Netsurion Managed Detection and Response and provides more comprehensive cybersecurity from predicting and preventing threats to detecting and responding to a breach.

Adopt Proactive Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is not a static or single point in time, but rather a progression by human-led experts called Threat Hunters who combine automation and creative problem solving. We align with the MITRE ATT&CK framework to identify advanced persistent threats and use real-world attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). As shown below, the Hunting Maturity Model (HMM) is used to measure where you stand with your cybersecurity posture and provide a roadmap to elevate your threat hunting practices. ​

threat hunting maturity
Elite Threat Hunters

Backed by Elite Threat Hunters

The Netsurion Security Operations Center (SOC) contains a highly-skilled team of threat hunters that understand trends in the threat landscape and impacts to your business resiliency. We work in concert with you to define countermeasures for your entire attack surface: endpoints, servers, networks, and the cloud. A proactive defense can help predict what’s next and respond before attackers escape undetected.​ ​

Uncover Hidden Threats Already in your Network

We use a Threat Hunting Loop consisting of five stages for successful threat hunting. Netsurion’s elite threat hunters first use a Hypothesis to search for signs of existing compromise or credential abuse.

Uncover Hidden Threats

Our second step is an initial Analysis of the hypothesis to eliminate false positives. A threat hunting Deep Dive is often the third step with tools and techniques such as Machine Learning (ML) and linked data analysis. Netsurion’s experts then Document and share findings internally and externally. Finally, we Convert a human-led threat hunt to an automated response to protect across all our customers and partners.

MITRE ATT&CK Improves Threat Hunting Effectiveness​

We integrate the MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base of real-world adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) into our console for one-stop-shop access. This intuitive ATT&CK threat intelligence enhances threat hunting by understanding how cyber criminals operate, providing threat context, and giving you actionable insights. Netsurion does the heavy lifting of proactive, continuous threat hunting to give you cybersecurity control and confidence

Improve Threat Hunting

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