Cybersecurity for IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)

With more than 35 years in the business, this Managed Service Provider (MSP) is among few IT providers that have such depth and breadth of experience. Their longevity in a tough industry is a testament to the trust they’ve earned from clients over the years. This U.S.-based company supports clients with Monitoring and Management, Back-up and Disaster Recovery, Onsite Support and Maintenance, plus Hardware Procurement. Their primary core focus is on providing premier cybersecurity and technology solutions to small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) of all industries.

Netsurion Essentials solution is the single most important product we’ve launched in our company’s history. We feel that with this offering we are at the forefront of IT security. This allows us to provide the best protection possible for our clients, which is what this is all about.

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As an IT industry veteran, this MSP knows their clients’ challenges and what it takes to ensure they are safe from cyber threats. With a focus on a proactive, tailored approach, they are always looking for next-level security in an ever-changing technology landscape. Their vice president of sales said, “When we engaged Netsurion about a partnership, we were drawn to the Netsurion Essentials offering and its unique position in the market. We knew this would be the single most important product to launch in our company’s long history.”

They heard about Netsurion through their service director, who had already worked with Netsurion while at a previous company. Before selecting Netsurion as their partner, the team also evaluated Cyber Shark, Arctic Wolf, and SOCSOTER. They were drawn to Netsurion’s focus on supporting the SMB market, combined with the Netsurion’s proved track record of success with partners and customers.

Netsurion’s marketing support materials were superior to other partnerships that we considered. The content was much easier to find and utilize as well. Netsurion’s Partner Portal makes it easy to find materials and register deals seamlessly for fast sales enablement.

Director of Marketing
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What helped seal the deal was Netsurion’s clearly defined pricing model and marketing support that stood out from the competition. In both cases, these elements made it easy to start selling the solution. They also had comfort with Netsurion’s day-to-day support.

Standing Out in the Crowd

In addition to the solution aligning with the SMB market they support, the Netsurion Partner Program offered a pricing model they could easily apply and get quotes on, which was not the case for the competing solutions whose pricing was far less clear.

Netsurion’s solutions are priced and fit perfectly for SMB clients. Previously, their clients couldn’t consider a robust extended detection and response (XDR) solution due to it traditionally being accessible for larger enterprises with massive budgets. “Netsurion Essentials solution is one of the few that has been scaled for the SMB market – as trusted advisors, it is important to be the first to introduce this powerful and affordable solution to our clients,” said their vice president of sales.

From a marketing standpoint, Netsurion’s materials, Partner Portal, and website insights were a huge plus over the competitors. “Netsurion’s content and look/feel were superior to other partnerships that we considered,” said their director of marketing. “The content was much easier to find and utilize as well.” The team found Netsurion’s compliance data sheets simple to morph into their client-facing material. It was easy to roll out to their client base, which is what helped them enable to sell quickly. “Netsurion’s Partner Portal makes it easy to find materials and register deals seamlessly,” said their director of marketing.

Their marketing director noted, “The support and materials have helped tremendously with enabling our sales teams. We’ve been able to put together marketing collateral due to all the wealth of information available on Netsurion’s Partner Portal and website Insights.”

When this MSP says the materials helped, it’s not just rhetoric. They are certain that Netsurion’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance brief won them a deal. “The competitors talked about HIPAA but didn’t show that they truly understand it and are part of the solution,” said their vice president of sales. “That was very powerful for us. It allowed us to talk about security, but also actually show healthcare cybersecurity deliverables and outcomes.” 

“Netsurion is great about personalized attention, so we got training set up with their experts live whenever we needed it, which was a huge help.”


“There have been some powerful benefits through our partnership with Netsurion,” said their vice president of sales. “We found something we firmly believe in, and as our clients’ trusted advisor, this could not be more important to us.” They already deployed the solutions successfully with multiple clients and each has a success story that drives home the value and importance of this solution in keeping their IT environments secure and compliant.

Second, there are few products of this caliber that can be scaled to the SMB market. “This has provided a strong differentiator in a noisy cybersecurity market,” said their vice president of sales.

Third, this is truly a partnership. “We are a culture built strongly upon stellar customer experiences and we don’t take that lightly,” said their vice president of sales. “We really see Netsurion as a true partner. The technology team has been very responsive when we have something urgent which shows they really care about us and what is happening with our clients. At the end of the day, this business isn’t about tools, it’s about partnerships, and we’ve found a true partner in Netsurion.”