Defender MFA

Version: One Identity Defender 5.9 and above.

One Identity Defender is a two-factor authentication or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) program. It uses the current identity store within Microsoft Active Directory to enable two-factor authentication, taking advantage of its inherent scalability and security, and eliminate the costs and time involved to set up and maintain proprietary databases.

Defender MFA integrates with Netsurion Open XDR to give security analytics with deep data context so that organizations can be confident in their data security strategy. Benefits include scheduled reports, integrated defender MFA dashboards and alerts for streamlined investigation.

Reports will allow users to keep records that is easy to read and to format. It is a detailed summary of events generated by Defender MFA. It includes successful or failed user sign-in attempts with user assigned tokens.

Alerts are best way to keep updated with critical events occurring in Defender MFA, such as, failed sign-in attempt with a user token, or when a token or defender password is assigned/unassigned to/from a user.

Dashboard provides a graphical representation of events generated by Defender MFA in the form of pie chart or bar graph, or force direction, and many more. Some of them are, top successful user authentications, user authentication failure reasons, top user authentication failures, etc.

After the One Identity Defender is configured to deliver events to the Netsurion Open XDR, the dashboards and reports can be configured into Netsurion Open XDR.

To take advantage of this data source integration and to learn more about alerts, reports, and dashboards, contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM). If you are not currently a Netsurion customer or partner, contact us to learn more.