ForeScout CounterAct

Version : ForeScout CounterAct v8.0 and above version.

ForeScout CounterAct gives you network access control. It maintains the policies and network configuration and deploys them to the ForeScout CounterACT appliances.

ForeScout CounterAct can be integrated with Netsurion Open XDR using syslog. With the help of ForeScout CounterAct KP items, we can monitor the network access control activities, malicious process and mail infection on applications and also trigger the alert whenever any malicious process running and mail infection is detected.

Netsurion Open XDR dashboard will help you to visualize the web activities on applications. It can even create the report that helps to collect user activities happening in the  applications for a time interval. This will help you to review the different malicious and network activities. Netsurion Open XDR CIM will help you to correlate from network access control activities, malicious process, and mail infection, etc.

Netsurion Data Source Integrations for ForeScout CounterAct allows you to monitor the following components:

  • Security – Malicious process logs, Mail infection logs, and Blocked events.
  • Operations – Network access control logs.

Once ForeScout CounterAct is configured to deliver events to Netsurion Open XDR knowledge objects and reports can be configured into Netsurion Open XDR.

To take advantage of this data source integration and to learn more about alerts, reports, and dashboards, contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM). If you are not currently a Netsurion customer or partner, contact us to learn more.