Kemp Load Balancer

Version: Kemp LoadMaster v7.2.56.2 and later

Kemp, Inc. offers solutions for load balancing and application delivery software built on a bespoke Linux operating system marketed as LoadMaster. The Kemp LoadMaster is available as both a hardware appliance and a software-based load balancer. It optimizes web infrastructure in terms of high availability, performance, scalability, ease of management, and security.

Netsurion's Open XDR platform facilitates monitoring events retrieved from the Kemp Load Balancer. Netsurion's Open XDR platform seamlessly handles SIEM, log management, file integrity monitoring, machine analytics, and user performance monitoring.

Netsurion Data Source Integrations for Kemp Load Balancer allows you to monitor the following components:

  • Security - It provides alerts for specific malicious activities.
  • Compliance - It provides a detailed report on respective event types like user logon activities, authentication failure activities, interface activities (Up or Down), directory activities, traffic activities, and suspicious activities.

After Kemp LoadMaster forwards the logs to Netsurion Manager via syslog, configure the alerts, dashboards, and reports into Netsurion.


Type Name Description
Security Kemp Load Balancer - Attempted XSS attack This alert indicates potentially malicious content detected in the requests through Kemp Load Balancer, which can be in link to XSS.


Type Name Description
Security Kemp Load Balancer - Activities Overview This report provides a detailed summary of activities in Kemp Load Balancer. It includes the event name, source IP address, source port, destination address, virtual service domain, and more.


The configuration details are consistent with Netsurion version 9.3 and later, and Kemp LoadMaster v7.2.56.2 and later.

Download Integration Guide and How-to Guide for more information and to configuration instructions.