Netgear Prosafe

Version : Netgear prosafe GS748Tv5 switch

Netgear prosafe Web Managed Switches (previously called Prosafe Unmanaged Plus Switches) are an upgrade from unmanaged switches. Prosafe Web Managed Switches are plug-and-play for easy deployment, supports additional configuration and monitoring features using a web browser-based GUI.

Netsurion's Open XDR platform collects the event logs delivered from Netgear prosafe for creating reports, dashboard and alerts. Among the event types, we are considering: Login failure, Login success, Link up/down and authentication failure etc. Netsurion's Open XDR platform helps you to visualize the Netgear prosafe activities in the dashboard. Netsurion triggers alert whenever a login attempt/ authentication by a user fails.

Netsurion monitors all the Netgear prosafe events which are given below.

  • Security – Login failure, Authentication failure etc.
  • Operation – Link status (up/down).
  • Compliance– Login success.

Once events are received into Netsurion, Reports, Knowledge Objects, Categories and Dashboards can be configured into Netsurion.


Type Name Description
Security Netgear prosafe - Login failed This alert is generated when a user fails to login. We can identify a brute force attack when any IP or any host has multiple login failures within half an hour.
Security Netgear prosafe - Authentication failed This alert is generated when the user is unable to pass authentication. Using this alert, we can track authentication failure and account compromise detection, abnormal authentication attempts, off-hour authentication attempts, etc.


Type Name Description
Security Wireless Switch - Access control list This category based report provides information related to access control list manager error.
Security Netgear prosafe – Login failure This report provides detailed information related to a user login failure. Using this report, we can find which user has failed to login and on which system he/she is trying to login.
Operations Netgear prosafe – Link status This report provides detailed information related to interface numbers, link status (Link up/down) etc.
Compliance Netgear prosafe – Login success This report provides detailed information related to user login success. Using this report, we can find out the username, login time, computer name and from which IP-address user is connected.


The configurations detailed are consistent with Netsurion version 9.X and later, and Netgear prosafe GS748Tv5 switches.

Download Integration Guide and How-to Guide for more information and to configuration instructions.