Version : PoliWall Security Appliance version 1.21.00

The Bandura’s PoliWall is an in-line appliance which reduces noise at the network perimeter, thereby decreasing workloads of systems deeper inside the network, making routers, firewalls, and IPS/IDS more effective. Netsurion Open XDR receives syslog data from PoliWall and helps in efficient visualization and analysis of allowed or blocked traffic by employing alerts, reports, dashboards and knowledge objects. Netsurion Open XDR also utilizes IP VOID to identify blacklisted IP addresses in allowed traffic and generates alert to tip-off concerned IT Admin.

Netsurion Data Source Integration for PoliWall allows you to monitor the following:-

  • Operations – Identify new source or destination IP addresses in allowed traffic using behavior rules.
  • Security – Monitor malicious traffic with risk score and track blacklisted IP addresses in allowed traffic.
  • Compliance – Monitor allowed or blocked traffic passing through PoliWall. 

Once PoliWall is configured to deliver events to Netsurion Open XDR Manager; alerts, reports, behavior rules, knowledge objects and dashboards can be configured into Netsurion Open XDR.

To take advantage of this data source integration and to learn more about alerts, reports, and dashboards, contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM). If you are not currently a Netsurion customer or partner, contact us to learn more.