Secure File Transfer Protocol

Version: Secure File Transfer Protocol

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is a secure file transfer protocol. It runs over the SSH protocol. It supports the full security and authentication functionality of SSH.

Netsurion Open XDR helps to monitor User authenticated, user request open session, user request close session, user request remove session, file opened, file upload started, and successfully stored file.

Netsurion Data Source Integration for Secure File Transfer Protocol allows you to monitor the following components: –

  • Security – User Activities and File Operations.

Once SFTP is configured to deliver events to Netsurion Open XDR Manager by using rsyslog, knowledge objects and reports can be configured into Netsurion Open XDR.

The following are the key Data Source Integration available in Netsurion Open XDR.


Type Name Description
Security SFTP – User Activities This category provides information related to the User password authentication, user open, close and remove sessions.
Security SFTP – File Operations This category provides information related to file opened, upload started, successfully stored.


The configuration details are consistent with Netsurion Open XDR 9.x and later, and Secure File Transfer Protocol.

Download Integration Guide for configuration instructions and more information.