Ubiquiti Access Point

Version : UAP/USW Firmware 3.7.x and above

Ubiquiti UniFi Access Point provides high-performance Wi-Fi. It is a scalable enterprise access point solution designed to be easily deployed and managed. Ubiquiti Access Points are well managed through Ubiquiti UniFi Controller, which is a wireless network management software solution.

Netsurion Open XDR helps to monitor events from UniFi Access Point via syslog. Netsurion Open XDR flex reports, alerts, and dashboards will help you to analyze the activity logs such as, MAC association, MAC disassociation, connection failed from unknown MAC, etc.

After UniFi Controller is configured to deliver Ubiquiti access points events to Netsurion Open XDR Manager; alerts, dashboards, and reports can be configured into Netsurion Open XDR.

To take advantage of this data source integration and to learn more about alerts, reports, and dashboards, contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM). If you are not currently a Netsurion customer or partner, contact us to learn more.