Webroot SecureAnywhere

Version: Webroot SecureAnywhere


  • Webroot Business Endpoint Protection
  • Webroot DNS Protection

Netsurion data source integration for Webroot SecureAnywhere captures important and critical activities such as Malware detected, blocked traffic and Traffic Summary in Webroot Business Endpoint Protection and DNS Protection. Monitoring these activities is critical from a security aspect and necessary for compliance and operational reasons. With the help of Webroot KP items Netsurion provides alerts when Webroot Business Endpoint Protection detects malicious activities. Netsurion dashboard will help you to visualize the malicious activities and the traffic details on based on sites and groups in Webroot, source IP address of the user, blocked traffic category etc.

Netsurion Data Source Integration for Vipre business antivirus allows you to monitor the following components:-

Once events are received into Netsurion, Reports, Knowledge Objects and Categories can be configured into Netsurion.

Netsurion monitors all the Webroot SecurityAnywhere events, some of them are given below.

  • Security – Provides information regarding the threats detected and blocked DNS traffic

Once Webroot SecurityAnywhere is configured to deliver logs to Netsurion; reports, categories, and knowledge objects can be configured into Netsurion.

Some of the Data Source Integrations available in Netsurion are listed below.


Type Name Description
Security Webroot SecureAnywhere - Malware detection This alert is generated when Webroot detects any malware or threat.


Type Name Description
Security Webroot SecureAnywhere - Malware detection This report provides details about any malware or threats that are detected by Webroot.
Security Webroot SecureAnywhere – DNS blocked traffic request This report provides the details of the contents that are being accessed by users who are blacklisted or blocked by Webroot.


The configuration details in this guide are consistent with Netsurion version 9.x and later,Webroot SecureAnywhere.

Download Integration Guide and How-to Guide for more information and to configuration instructions.