May 04, 2007

Cause – resolution information on more than 18,500 events delivered to over 30,000 IT personnel makes the EventTracker Knowledge Base one of the largest, most comprehensive databases of event log intelligence on the Internet.

Columbia, MD – Prism Microsystems, developers of the EventTracker solution that enables “logging in depth”™ – announced today that user registrations on its log Knowledge Base (KB) crossed the 30,000 mark, fast making the website a primary source of log and event management expertise on the Internet. Available at , the EventTracker KB is a complimentary, searchable, vendor-neutral collection of cause-resolution information on over 18,500 events generated by hundreds of sources including Windows, syslog, application specific logs and CISCO systems,.

An essential first step in effectively managing a company’s IT infrastructure is to analyze event logs generated by critical applications, devices and systems. The inherent obscurity of event descriptions and the lack of a standard logging format, however, makes it tedious to extract intelligence from log data emitted by various sources. “Our aim, with the EventTracker Knowledge Base, is to make event log data readily understandable by all IT professionals for quick and efficient troubleshooting and to speed issue resolution time” says Steve Lafferty, Vice President, Marketing, Prism Microsystems Inc.

A convenient ‘one-stop’ solution for a company’s log analysis and management requirements, the KB provides detailed explanations of event messages as well as vendor neutral cause-resolution information and links to helpful articles. Events can be searched for by any combination of ID, event source or fragments of the description field. The website is updated by a dedicated team at Prism Microsystems and users can contribute new event definitions as well. “A unique feature of the EventTracker Knowledge Base is that users can also request our experts to research a particular event not already cataloged” adds Lafferty.

Maintained by Prism Microsystems since 2002, the KB is fully integrated with EventTracker, the company’s enterprise-grade event management solution, embedding valuable knowledge within the software to allow users to configure custom rules for analysis and reporting while offering a convenient look-up for event types. Purchase of EventTracker, is not required to access the KB.

About Prism Microsystems

Prism Microsystems, Inc. was formed in 1999. It is headquartered in the Baltimore-Washington high tech corridor with its primary Research and Development facility in Bangalore, India. Privately funded and profitable since 2002, the company delivers business-critical solutions to consolidate, correlate and detect changes that could impact the performance, availability and security of a company’s IT infrastructure.

EventTracker, Prism’s enterprise event management solution, is designed to enhance the security of critical systems, maintain confident compliance, and improve overall performance and availability. EventTracker is engineered for ease of use and flexibility and has over 600 customers in 50 countries across multiple sectors.