March 17, 2009

  • Detailed descriptions, cause-resolution information on over 20,000 events
  • Over 50,000 registered users
  • Complimentary access to the IT community
  • Fully integrated into EventTracker, Prism’s enterprise SIEM solution and EventTracker PULSE, Prism’s free log search utility

Columbia, MD –Prism Microsystems, developers of comprehensive Security Information and Event Log Management (SIEM) technology that enables logging in depth, announced today that user registrations on its knowledgebase crossed the 50,000 mark, making the website the premier source of free, in-depth information on event log data on the internet.

Available at, the Prism knowledgebase is a searchable database of detailed descriptions and vendor neutral cause-resolution information on over 20,000 events generated by hundreds of sources including Windows systems, syslog devices, applications and more. Events can be searched for by any combination of ID, event source or fragments of the description field. Although available freely on the internet, the solution is also fully integrated into both EventTracker, Prism’s SIEM solution and EventTracker PULSE, a free log search utility launched in February 2009.

“Unlike other websites that provide free information on log data, our knowledgebase is extremely detailed and updated daily by a dedicated team of specialists. Not only can users contribute new event definitions, but also request our specialists to research data not already catalogued. This is a valuable service that’s provided with no strings attached, you don’t have to be a customer or pay a fee to take advantage of it,” said Steve Lafferty, VP of Marketing at Prism Microsystems.

There is little doubt that managing logs is critical for compliance, security monitoring or IT optimization; however given the inherent obscurity of event log data and the lack of a standard logging format, the task of making sense of this data to extract any meaningful intelligence is tedious and requires system- specific expertise. “The aim of the knowledgebase is to deliver this expertise free of charge to the IT community and make log data readily understandable by all,” added Lafferty.

The knowledgebase is also a useful complement to EventTracker PULSE, free log search utility. PULSE allows system administrators to search through hundreds of gigabytes of log data to pinpoint critical events behind operational and security mishaps, and the knowledgebase provides detailed descriptions on this data for ease of troubleshooting and faster forensic analysis. Fully integrated and browsable through PULSE, the combination is powerful for IT professionals who are unable to get funding for a complete SIEM solution.

About Prism Microsystems

Prism Microsystems delivers business critical solutions that transform high-volume cryptic log data into actionable, prioritized intelligence that will fundamentally change your perception of the utility, value and organizational potential inherent in log files. Prism’s leading solutions offer Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), real-time Log Management, and powerful Change and Configuration Management to optimize IT operations, detect and deter costly security breaches, and comply with multiple regulatory mandates.

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