March 05, 2018

Netsurion, a leading provider of managed network connectivity, security, and compliance solutions, today announced the launch of Netsurion BranchSDO, its software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) solution that combines enhanced network connectivity, resilience, security, and management for distributed enterprises and IoT environments. SD-WAN is an application of software-defined networking (SDN) for WAN connections, used to connect enterprise networks – including branch offices and data centers – across geographic distances.

Netsurion BranchSDO is ideal for multi-location businesses like retailers, pharmacies, convenience stores, hotels, financial services firms, and mobile businesses like pop-up stores and kiosks. The solution utilizes a proprietary SD-WAN platform with flexible co-management service levels, to fit a business’s specific IT resource needs. When coupled with the advanced features of Netsurion Protect and Netsurion Regulatory Compliance , Netsurion BranchSDO provides an unparalleled level of enhanced security and simplified PCI compliance in a single offering.

Key benefits include:

  • Network Resilience: Keep your business locations running uninterrupted with instant failover between multiple WAN connections
  • Embedded Security: Leverage an integrated network security offering with various layers of next-generation firewall (NGFW) protection with global or site-specific control
  • Enhanced Security Options: Achieve industry-leading protection with security information and event management (SIEM) functionality and advanced endpoint detection and response through the addition of Netsurion Protect, powered by EventTracker
  • Greater Command and Control: Gain better visibility along with local and network-wide SD-WAN-based control of the network with an easy-to-use cloud-based orchestrator
  • Fast and Efficient Deployment: Ensure your network is as nimble as your business with easy SD-WAN appliance deployment and business policy automation
  • Flexible Carrier Options: Maximize your connectivity and internet service provider (ISP) budget by choosing the best available network connectivity for each corporate location, freeing you from the constraints of a single ISP at all locations
  • Simplified Compliance: Consolidate and streamline PCI DSS compliance management for all locations with the addition of Netsurion Comply
  • Affordability: Get better network connectivity performance, reliability, security, and compliance from your budget through inexpensive 4G LTE-enabled edge appliances purpose-built for specific business applications and reduced labor costs with cloud-managed network orchestration

Consumers are rapidly shifting the way they interact with businesses, expecting simple, fast, secure connectivity and more personal engagement-and businesses are eager to keep up. According to analyst firm IDC, 75 percent of CIOs were expected to put experiential engagement, data monetization, or digital business at the top of their agenda by the beginning of this year. Capgemini has reported that 87 percent of companies see digital transformation as a competitive opportunity, and 27 percent of executives consider digital transformation a “matter of survival.”

Netsurion BranchSDO’s SD-WAN creates a network as flexible and agile as an organization’s strategy. This allows companies to optimize the performance of their applications by algorithmically sending internet traffic over the best network for better performance and cost, strengthening business continuity with instant failover and session maintenance, and providing complete command and control. Netsurion BranchSDO’s purpose-built edge appliance resides at each location, while configurations and policies are managed from a single pane of glass in the BranchSDO Orchestrator.

“With the addition of SD-WAN, Netsurion now offers the three pillars for successful network security from a single provider-connect, protect, and comply,” said Kevin Watson, CEO of Netsurion. “The platform gives multi-location brands, in particular, a competitive edge by enabling faster, smoother customer engagement through new technologies like mobile billing, touchscreen menus, digital signage, and whatever comes next. SD-WAN also enables a flexible and layered network security model through next-generation firewall, endpoint security, and SIEM, plus PCI compliance management, ensuring sensitive information remains safe through every digital interaction. We look forward to making next-generation network connectivity and security a reality for our clients, improving their overall customer experience, loyalty, and revenue growth.”

Some Netsurion customers have already begun using the solution. FTS Solutions is a leading enterprise-class retail management solution provider with on-site and cloud-based software and services for multi-store retailers. Sumit Mathur, president and CEO of FTS Solutions, said, “A remotely-managed reliable network with powerful security is essential for delivering our solutions to the market. Our customers expect complete protection of their point-of-sale (POS) terminals and always-on availability of our retail management systems, all at an affordable price. At the same time, our support staff needs secure remote access to troubleshoot any issues. Netsurion Connect edge devices and cloud orchestration ensure our customers have optimal uptime and allow us to securely and easily manage our systems remotely.”

Another customer, Volta Charging, is building the largest free car charging network in the U.S. Jon Michaels, senior vice president of Operations & Supply Chain of Volta, said, “We are able to offer free charging to all EV drivers by partnering with brands that want to get their message out and offering them digital sponsorship of the charging station. For Volta, reliable connectivity is crucial as our clients expect 100 percent uptime for their sponsorships, and our operations team needs secure remote access to troubleshoot any issues. With the SD-WAN connectivity and cloud orchestration included in Netsurion Connect, we are able to provide our clients the uptime they demand as well as manage our network of charging stations with a click of a button.”

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