September 21, 2009

Internationally endorsed framework assures government agencies of EventTracker’s security functionality

Columbia, MD – Prism Microsystems today announced that its industry leading comprehensive SIEM (Security Information and Event Log Management) solution, EventTracker, is officially in evaluation for EAL 2+ certification under Communications Security Establishment Canada’s (CSEC) Common Criteria Certification Scheme (CCS). CCS is recognized by 25 countries under the Common Criteria Recognition Agreement (CCRA) including the Unites States, which mandates federal agencies to procure only those commercial security products that have been tested by an accredited laboratory.

Common Criteria is an internationally endorsed and recognized framework for evaluating security capabilities and features of commercial technology products. EventTracker has already cleared the first, pre-evaluation stage of the certification process and has now advanced to the “in evaluation” stage where it will be rigorously tested for specific security functionality against a comprehensive set of predetermined requirements.

“As we continue to expand our installed base in the government space with a number of US federal agencies already using EventTracker as a critical element of their security and compliance implementations, this milestone assures them of our ongoing commitment to provide a robust SIEM solution designed to meet the rigors and scrutiny of government security use,” said Steve Lafferty, VP of Marketing at Prism Microsystems.

“As a software-only solution, EventTracker can easily run on industry standard servers and commodity hardware. This flexibility helps us win a lot of competitive bakeoffs in a predominantly appliance-based industry, with government agencies increasingly looking to utilize virtualization technology and combat appliance sprawl. Common Criteria certification will be yet another reason for these agencies to choose EventTracker,” added Lafferty.

The Common Criteria evaluation process is rigorous and can take up to a year to complete. EventTracker will be evaluated under the CCS by EWA-Canada, a leading Information Assurance consulting firm specializing in independent third-party evaluation and testing of products in its Common Criteria, FIPS 140 2 Cryptographic Module and Security Content Automation Protocol test labs.

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