May 20, 2013

Collaboration features, performance improvements and application security are the hallmarks of this latest version of the award-winning SIEM solution.

COLUMBIA, MD, May 20, 2013-EventTracker, a leading provider of comprehensive SIEM solutions today announced the general availability of EventTracker Enterprise v7.4 security information and event management (SIEM) solution.

This latest release incorporates new collaboration features such as an Electronic Logbook that records incidents, reports, and changes with valuable context, as well as the ability to flag interesting incidents, reports, configuration assessment or change audits that enable IT teams to escalate efficiently. Other features include support for OpenVAS, a new graphical search/refine interface and the ability to define Flex Reports to persist in a normalized MS SQL Datamart for rapid reporting.

“EventTracker’s Enterprise v7.4 seeks to address the increasing compliance and threat detection needs of enterprises,” said Javvad Malik, senior analyst, 451 Group. “Its latest enhancements, which include more robust reporter engines and collaboration features, may allow companies to detect activity that could help thwart any potential intrusion from within or without.”

EventTracker’s focus on mid-market needs is reflected in both its product and service offerings. Some of the new EventTracker Enterprise v7.4 features that offer greater security and performance enhancements include:

Performance Enhancements

  • v7.4 can receive and process an average of 30% greater events/sec load on commodity hardware than earlier versions.
  • Improved Indexing and Dashboards – A new sparse matrix indexing method has been added to improve the performance of dashboard displays. A new graphical search results screen allows power users to rapidly refine results.
  • Improved Reporter Engine -for performance and extensibility. A new field tagging feature allows greater control over log normalization during run time, Accurate reports can be developed with just the right information from multiple sources to reduce workload during log review.

Greater Security

  • Compliance with OWASP test cases and tools
  • Hardened virtual appliance

New Knowledge Packs

  • Support for configuration assessment of all Server 2012 and Windows 8 roles
  • New secure baselines from USGCB and DISA
  • Support for OpenVAS, MySQL, Teradata, Array OS, Cisco NAC and others

“Security is a team effort. In the medium-sized enterprise, IT teams are often small and therefore must be efficient. These considerations have driven the new collaboration features in our latest version of EventTracker Enterprise and are an important and welcome addition for the mid-market. Our own experience over the past two years in operating the EventTracker Control Center, which is the foundation of SIEM Simplified, our managed SIEM offering, have also shaped the features of EventTracker Enterprise v7.4,” said A. N. Ananth, CEO of EventTracker. “Most product offerings targeting the medium-sized enterprise turn out to be “poor cousins” of their large enterprise siblings. Often, features are omitted, and a smaller appliance is provided with a reduction in price. This misses the point as the complexity is still a hurdle. Our newest version of EventTracker Enterprise takes on this complexity at a reasonable price point. Mid-sized enterprises will be well served to consider EventTracker. ”

Ananth will be hosting a webinar to demonstrate the new features of EventTracker Enterprise v7.4 on Tuesday, June 4 at 2 p.m. (EDT). To register for the webinar or for more information about EventTracker v7.4.

About EventTracker

EventTracker delivers business critical solutions that transform high-volume cryptic log data into actionable, prioritized intelligence that will fundamentally change your perception of the utility, value and organizational potential inherent in log files. EventTracker’s leading solutions offer Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), real-time Log Management, and powerful Change and Configuration Management to optimize IT operations, detect and deter costly security breaches, and comply with multiple regulatory mandates.

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