February 20, 2019

Netsurion, a leading provider of managed network connectivity, security, and compliance solutions, today announced EventTracker EDR, the industry’s first managed endpoint threat detection and response (EDR) solution that is part of a unified SIEM platform and delivered as a managed security service. EventTracker EDR is optimized for small and midsized businesses, which represent 58 percent of all malware attack victims.

EventTracker EDR, the next generation of endpoint protection is effective in blocking against both known malware and unknown or zero-day attacks, protecting against costly data breaches. Natively integrated with EventTracker SIEM (named for 11 consecutive years to Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM) and driven by the company’s 24/7 global SOC, Netsurion’s EDR solution prevents insider threats and lateral movement of even unknown attacks. This provides organizations the needed visibility into potential risks as they develop, fast-tracking responses before the damage occurs.

“EventTracker EDR delivers an unprecedented level of protection for endpoints of any size, from SMBs and multi-branch businesses to enterprises. By delivering EDR as a managed security service, our customers benefit from a 24/7 Security Operations Center staffed by security analysts with malware expertise, without worrying about whether their own staff is adequately trained and managing the solution appropriately,” said A.N. Ananth, Netsurion’s chief strategy officer. “What’s exciting about EventTracker EDR is its innovative, lightweight approach that detects and stops unknown malware at endpoints, while at the same time preventing lateral spread.”

EventTracker EDR was tested by SE Labs during the last quarter of 2018 and earned a AAA rating, putting it in the highest class of security products. Simon Edwards, director of SE Labs and chairman of the board of the Anti-Malware Testing Standard Organization says, “Systems protected by the EventTracker endpoint agent were exposed to a mixture of targeted attacks using well-established techniques and public web-based threats that were found to be live on the internet at the time of the test. EventTracker EDR was effective at handling general threats from cyber criminals and targeted attacks were prevented in all cases.”

Combining EventTracker EDR with the EventTracker SIEM platform’s advanced capabilities, including our 24/7 SOC and system administration, creates an unparalleled combination of visibility, intelligence, and threat protection. “The tight integration with our SIEM capabilities makes for compelling value in our target market, while providing a single platform for our users to navigate,” said A.N. Ananth.

“We’re excited to implement EventTracker EDR as early results show it to be more effective than traditional security tools at protecting us from advanced threats,” said Bryan K. Caporlette, chief technology officer of G&G Outfitters, Inc. “Our use of both EventTracker co-managed SIEM plus EDR services strengthens our existing security investment and protects our global supply chain and valuable customers. It’s like having a large team of cybersecurity engineers on my staff.”

In addition, to meet each customer’s specific requirements, the company offers EventTracker EDR with a choice of flexible delivery models, allowing management by either the customer’s IT service provider (MSP) or by Netsurion.

About EventTracker EDR

Netsurion’s EventTracker EDR includes these capabilities:

  • Stops unknown malware: EventTracker EDR combines heuristic network machine learning and process monitoring functions to ensure that only approved programs, applications, and processes that meet published guidelines can run. All other processes are blocked from executing, and therefore doing any damage
  • Easy to implement and maintain: EventTracker EDR is expressly designed to be easy to implement and maintain
  • Security monitoring services: Offered as a managed service, Netsurion cybersecurity experts examine alerts coming from endpoints and servers, and notify customer security teams or take immediate action depending on policies
  • Prevents lateral spread of attacks: Combining endpoint and SIEM-managed behavior observations across the entire network has proven to be especially effective against mitigating zero day and mutating threats
  • Supports threat hunting: Provides a rich data set to help rapidly pinpoint attacks in progress and isolate affected endpoints or servers while minimizing false positives that waste valuable time
  • Simplified management: The EventTracker EDR control panel allows a single administrator to manage over 10,000 systems and includes multiple operation modes to simplify achieving the appropriate level of protection
  • Global SOC experts: Customers have 24/7 access to Netsurion’s global cybersecurity experts to supplement internal resources

EventTracker EDR worldwide general availability is expected in March 2019. Learn more at https://www.netsurion.com/managed-threat-protection/threat-detection-response

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Deb Montner, Montner Tech PR