August 22, 2011

With syslog, IT infrastructure security vulnerabilities are significantly diminished from both the inside and the outside

Columbia, MD, August 22, 2011 – Prism Microsystems, a leading provider of comprehensive SIEM solutions for the midsize enterprise today announced the general availability of EventTracker syslog.

EventTracker syslog is a new offering in Prism’s market leading line of enterprise SIEM, log management and operational management solutions. EventTracker syslog provides knowledge based monitoring and filtering of all Microsoft Windows event logs, application logs, system processes and services, and other important activities, and transfers the files to consoles of other solution providers including HP Openview, Arcsite, Tivoli, RSA Envision, and Novell Sentinal.

EventTracker syslog is designed to allow organizations to enhance security efforts, maintain compliance with government regulations, and improve operational efficiencies without a “forklift” replacement of existing systems. Being native to Windows, EventTracker Syslog is the most feature-rich solution for monitoring Windows and addresses many deficiencies that have existed with other offerings.

Advanced features include monitoring of USB device insert/removal and prevention, monitoring of files copied to USB/DVD/CD, detection of failed services/restart, application install/removal, application stop/start, detection of runaway processes, and detection of CPU/memory/Disk exhaustion.

“Prism’s EventTracker syslog provides organizations with the ability to enhance their monitoring capabilities without the expense and hassle of replacing their existing solutions,” said A.N. Ananth, CEO and co-founder, Prism Microsystems. “EventTracker syslog is designed to work with these other systems and allow users to consolidate information in one location. At Prism, we’re proud of our solutions, which have been created to improve monitoring the IT infrastructure, and eliminate malicious security breaches.”

EventTracker syslog is lightweight, and is a user-friendly solution to install and configure. Installation can be performed from the centralized console, as a .msi, or manually, and once installed is invisible to users.

All EventTracker solutions are designed to meet the security, compliance and operational needs of organizations with 100 to 10,000 devices in their infrastructure, protecting against inside and outside threats. EventTracker syslog is built upon the industry leading EventTracker Enterprise v. 7 platform, which has been installed on more than 100,000 systems.

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