July 27, 2007

Partnership provides large companies with unparalleled security and operational visibility that extends from the mainframe to the application level

Columbia, MD – Responding to a growing need for log management for mainframe environments running IBM’s z/OS, Prism Microsystems, developers of the EventTracker “logging in-depth” solution, today announced a strategic partnership with Type80, an industry leader in mainframe based intrusion detection and security event notification. By bringing together best-of-breed technologies, this partnership will help large companies integrate log data generated by mainframes with other distributed systems for enterprise-wide centralized log monitoring, analysis and reporting.

For many large organizations, the mainframe remains a platform of choice for business-critical applications that process and maintain large volumes of sensitive data. Although historically secure, mainframe systems are increasingly hosting a number of web-based applications and are accessible by various network services. Coupled with an alarming increase in unauthorized intrusions, increasing compliance regulations and the growing industry focus on data security, companies must align their existing mainframe environments with an overall Log Management solution to allow them to quickly respond to mainframe-based security violations and other compliance and system based events.

“Our partnership with Type80 allows our customers to benefit from a real-time view of critical mainframe log data that is correlated with data from other sources across the organization for complete security and operational visibility” says Steve Lafferty, VP of Marketing, Prism Microsystems Inc. “This integrated approach provides large companies with unparalleled coverage that extends from the mainframe to the application level and provides staff with convenient centralized access to all log data, without the need for system specific technical expertise.”

EventTracker and Type80 together extend end-to-end business visibility to enterprises running IBM z/OS Mainframes with their combined capabilities. Type80 agents collect mainframe SMF, console and write-to-operator messages while EventTracker agents collect all log data from other sources including Windows, Unix/Linux, Solaris BSM, SNMP devices and software applications. This data is sent to the EventTracker console in real-time where it is analyzed and made available for review and reporting.

EventTracker is designed to be an easy to deploy, scalable solution that automates the central consolidation, analysis and reporting of log data and enables tracking of all system and user activity. With Type80’s support, this capability is now extended to the Mainframe as well. “We want our customers to know that no matter what systems they choose to implement, we are committed to meeting their log management needs” adds Lafferty.

About Type80 Security Software

Type80 is a privately owned IBM “Software in Development Partner”. Type80 Security Software was founded by experts in the areas of Systems Programming and information security. The founders draw from a diverse background, from providing security training to NATO counter intelligence, conducting enterprise-wide security assessments for companies maintaining the nation’s critical infrastructure, and developing high-level mainframe applications for major financial institutions.

About Prism Microsystems

Prism Microsystems, Inc. was formed in 1999 and is a privately held corporation with headquarters in the Baltimore-Washington high tech corridor. The company delivers business-critical solutions to consolidate, correlate and detect changes that could impact the performance, availability and security of a company’s IT infrastructure.

EventTracker, Prism’s enterprise event management solution, is designed to enhance the security of critical systems, maintain confident compliance, and improve overall performance and availability. EventTracker is engineered for ease of use and flexibility and has over 600 customers in 50 countries across multiple sectors.

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