May 19, 2010

EventTracker Pulse 7.0 provides unlimited log collection, high-speed indexed search and real-time alerting with risk prioritization for fast, responsive troubleshooting and security analysis of complex IT environments

Columbia MD – Prism Microsystems, a leading provider of enterprise log, change and configuration management solutions, today announced the availability of EventTracker Pulse 7.0, a powerful log consolidation, search and alerting framework to help administrators troubleshoot outages and investigate security incidents across complex IT environments.

Building on the success of its predecessor which logged over 10,000 unique downloads over a period of one year, EventTracker Pulse 7.0 now delivers enterprise-level features and support developed in response to a growing demand from the user community. New features include:

  • Real-time alerting with risk (vulnerability, asset and threat) prioritization to enable admins to focus on the most critical and current security and performance issues
  • Enhanced search interface with graphical trending to jumpstart the discovery process
  • Automated indexing for rapid search across gigabytes of log data
  • Unlimited, unrestricted log storage and collection from servers, workstations, network devices, applications, processes and services
  • Hundreds of pre-built category searches to quickly pinpoint a set of events such as “login failures” without needing to build complex queries to support multiple systems’ arcane syntaxes

“Log Search is a very useful tool in the hands of admins to pinpoint the what, who and when of system behavior. However, for many companies the options for harnessing this data for security and operations are limited. Without a compliance driver, the cost and complexity of SIEM solutions remain unjustified, and generic IT search tools do not provide the advanced alerting and analysis capabilities necessary for security monitoring and remediation,” said Jagat Shah, CTO at Prism Microsystems. “EventTracker Pulse 7.0 is unique in that it offers a middle ground with all of the core essentials important to departmental and system administrators in an affordable, easy to use, subscription-based software package.”

About Prism Microsystems

Prism Microsystems delivers business critical solutions that transform high-volume cryptic log data into actionable, prioritized intelligence that will fundamentally change your perception of the utility, value and organizational potential inherent in log files. Prism’s leading solutions offer Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), real-time Log Management, and powerful Change and Configuration Management to optimize IT operations, detect and deter costly security breaches, and comply with multiple regulatory mandates.

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