August 08, 2011

ET v7.2 provides enhanced SIEM functionality with a new StatusTracker, Data Mart, and SCAP Benchmark Profile Editor

Columbia, MD, August 1, 2011 – Prism Microsystems, a leading provider of comprehensive SIEM solutions for the midsize enterprise, today announced the release of enhanced capabilities in the latest version of its EventTracker SIEM solution, version 7.2.

StatusTracker: This new feature greatly enhances EventTracker’s ability to monitornetworks, system infrastructure and core IP services. StatusTracker enables the auto discovery of devices, applications, and the underlying systems and services supporting them. This feature provides an “up/down” status of the monitored components based on time thresholds. EventTracker can be set to check the status of these systems anywhere between once a minute to once every 99 minutes.

Examples of how this can be utilized include determining the “up/down” status of ATM machines in banking applications, or determining the status of an organization’s Microsoft Exchange server. While the machine itself may be operating, the application may not be functioning properly and may need to be restarted, and StatusTracker will provide this status through the centralized console or through alerts.

“This feature focuses on the operational efficiencies that come from a robust SIEM and log management solution,” said Prism Microsystems CEO A.N. Ananth. “By monitoring the ‘up/down’ status of the entire infrastructure, the IT department can ensure its customers, the users, are satisfied.”

Data Mart: EventTracker’s new Data Mart feature enhances the user’s ability to efficiently conduct in-depth forensic analysis of archived log data. Users can define the criteria for the data they want to analyze based on such variables as time, systems, users, description, and others, unpack it, and export it to a MS SQL database for analysis.

“The Data Mart allows users to take ‘fuzzy knowledge’ about what they are looking for and explore the data to arrive at conclusions. It takes data and turns it into knowledge,” said Ananth.

SCAP Benchmark Profile Editor: This new feature allows EventTracker users to tailor SCAP benchmarks to the specific needs of their organization.

“We continue to hone and update our EventTracker solution so it is always up to the task of detecting and halting potential network threats,” said Ananth. “Version 7.2 is more robust than ever, with specialized enhancements that we are proud to bring to our existing customers and the marketplace.”

Additional features in this release include:

  • .MSI packaging – Convenient for large distributed infrastructures
  • A new Compliance Dashboard for at-a-glance status
  • Ability to acknowledge and annotate incidents within EventTracker
  • EventTracker 7.2 is being submitted for MS Logo Certification for Windows 2008 R2.

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