Proactive Endpoint Security Maximized

Today’s adversaries use mutation to avoid detection by traditional security tools, leaving security gaps that can lead to a costly data breach. EventTracker Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service enables proactive prevention against malware and advanced threats by detecting and blocking them as they unfold on servers and workstations. EDR enhances endpoint security effectiveness by reducing dwell time at all stages of the threat chain, including lateral movement. Our Managed SIEM/SOC service includes EDR to protect your critical endpoints and servers from Zero-day attacks and mutating malware.

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See how our advanced endpoint security solution protects all of your endpoints from ransomware and other advanced persistent threats.

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Threat Protection Beyond Traditional Defenses

EventTracker EDR provides 24/7 monitoring of your network for insider threats and advanced attacks that evade anti-virus and firewalls. With real-time visibility and remediation, be confident that your network is defended, as you focus on your core business responsibilities.

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Our use of both EventTracker co-managed SIEM plus EDR services strengthens our existing security investment and protects our global supply chain and valuable customers.

Bryan K. Caporlette, CTO G&G Outfitters, Inc.

EventTracker EDR was effective at handling general threats from cyber criminals...and targeted attacks were prevented in all cases. EventTracker EDR was also competent at blocking more targeted exploit-based attacks. EventTracker EDR’s excellent performance wins it an AAA award, putting it in the highest class of security products.

- Simon Edwards, director of SE Labs and chairman of the board of the Anti-Malware Testing Standard Organization

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SE Labs AAA Enterprise Endpoint Detection



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Continuous Monitoring

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Better Together: SIEM + EDR

  • An integrated platform for monitoring, threat detection and response, and compliance.
  • Enhanced visibility across the network and endpoints
  • A single pane of glass with EventTracker Console
  • 24/7 SOC analysts who understand your environment and mutating threats
  • Purpose-built for the needs of small and mid-sized businesses

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