Released on: 25 January 2012
Applies to Versions: 7.2-Build 38

EventTracker Service Pack 1 for v7.2 Build 38.

List of patches/updates contained in this service pack:

  • ET72P11-005 – Fix for remove agent component issue when Change Audit is not installed.
  • ET72P11-006 – Fix for issue where deploying EventTracker Agent fails with license error.
  • ET72P11-009 – Fix for the issue where Enterprise Activity engine fails to insert admin activity data properly.
  • ET72P11-010 – Fix for the LFM issue where blank lines are also considered as log records. Fix for the issue where EventTracker Agent fails to translate the GUID in the description on post vista systems.
  • ET72P11-011 – Fix for the issue where EventTracker Agent Version is not getting updated in database.
  • ET72P11-013 – Fix for error shown when reports wizard is started.
  • ET72P11-014 – Support to add USB exceptions using device identifier.
  • ET72P11-015 – Adding RSA SecurID Authentication success & failure reports.
  • ET72P11-018 – Fix for the error while creating a group in category.
  • ET72P11-019 – Fix for the error while loading large cab list in collection point configuration screen.
  • ET72P11-020 – Export to excel feature to generate user role report.
  • ET72P11-021 – Fix for the issue where Direct Log Archiver fails to process .EVT files on post vista systems.
  • ET72P11-022 – Fix for abrupt shutdown of EventTracker Agent while updating license cache.
  • ET72P11-023 – Added an option to specify events transfer mode in Traffic Analyzer tool.
  • ET72P11-024 – Fix for the issue where cab files are not getting extracted on collection master.
  • ET72P11-025 – Fix for EventTracker Archiver is getting stuck while processing ec2 and mdb files to create archives.
  • ET72P11-026 – Fix for the reporter engine failure to process reports
  • ET72P11-027 – Fix for the issue where EventTracker EventVault service was not getting started when FIPS is enabled.
  • ET72P11-031 – Fix for the issue where event id 2043 is incorrectly generated by Enterprise Activity.
  • ET72P11-032 – Feature to export system inventory information
  • ET72P12-033 – Fix for the LFM issue where log rotation is not getting detected if creation date of the log file is unchanged.
  • ET72P12-034 – Adding Exchange 2007 Mailbox Access by Non Owner report.
  • ET72U12-035 – Update for diagnostics and “About EventTracker” display.
  • ET72U12-036 – Fix for the issue where Direct Log Archiver fails to archive according to configured EventVault frequency.
  • ET72U12-038 – Fix for the agent crash issue while LFM processing of huge log record.
  • ET72U12-039 – Fix for the delayed launch of the reports processor.
  • ET72U12-040 – Severity, Facility and Format options added to Syslog message forward action under alerts.
  • ET72U12-041 – Fix for error while importing multisite reports
  • ET72U12-042 – Update for Collection Point to send cab files in chronological order.
  • ET72U12-043 – Fix for the issue where index files are not getting purged during scheduled purging of archives.

Who should read this document
Customers who use 7.2 – Build 38


Affected software
EventTracker Receiver, EventTracker Agent, EventTracker Reports, EventTracker Scheduler, EventTracker Alerter, EventTracker EventVault, EventTracker Web

Non-affected software

Process to apply Update

  1. Download Update
  2. Place the Update ET72U12-SP1.exe in the destination computer.
  3. Execute the exe.