Released on: November 19, 2012
Applies to Versions: 7.2 – Build 69

EventTracker Service Pack 2 for v7.2 Build 69.

List of updates/Fixes included in this service pack:-

  • ET72U12-074: Fix for wrong system group display under reports and analysis.
  • ET72U12-076: Performance enhancements in EventTracker Agent for logfile monitoring.
  • ET72U12-077: Enhanced behavior rules for enterprise activity.
  • ET72U12-078: Fix for keyword index files migration failing on a collection master.
  • ET72U12-079: Fix for non-deletion of syslog & netflow systems.
  • ET72U12-080: Fix for software usage report to consider Win 7 and 2008 OS events.
  • ET72U12-082: Eventvault backup and move options retain the folder structure.
  • ET72U12-083: Fix for the issue where Direct Log Archiver does not handle EVT/EVTX files that contain multiple system names.
  • ET72U12-084: Fix for reports not getting generated for CP systems on CM.
  • ET72U12-085: Performance improvement while showing systems tree in reports/analysis/log search.
  • ET72U12-086: Fix for the issue in EventTracker Agent where service monitoring does not work on systems that contain large number of services.
  • ET72U12-087: Features added to systems manager screens for better usability and ease of use.
  • ET72U12-088: Fix issue in import/export utility when behavior rule contains equal sign.
  • ET72U12-090: Fix for IE9 browser issue in custom column screen.
  • ET72U12-091: Fix for issue where deploying EventTracker Agent reports incorrect status.
  • ET72U12-092: Fix for wrong display of version in the system report.
  • ET72U12-094: Fix for the issue where EventTracker Agent incorrectly generates events for software install/uninstall under user profiles.
  • ET72U12-095: Added column based sort options in EventVault UI.
  • ET72U12-096: Fix for incorrect alert suppression details.
  • ET72U12-097: Added an option in Export/Import utility to specify scheduled time.
  • ET72U12-099: Fix for collection point on-demand quick view reports getting cancelled.
  • ET72U12-102: Deleting the archive record if cab file is not found while purging.
  • ET72U12-103: Implemented timeout for processing system manager requests.
  • ET72U12-105: Fix for high memory usage by alerter service.
  • ET72U12-107: Fix for log search failing to show event id 4771 and 4772 when searched from user login failure activity.
  • ET72U12-109: Fix for agent crash issue while processing some .NET 4.0 events.
  • ET72U12-111: Support for vista event log backup.
  • ET72U12-113: Fix for system selection issue when changeaudit not installed.
  • ET72U12-115: Fix for the issue where EventTracker Agent incorrectly generates event for software install under certain user profiles.
  • ET72U12-116: Fix for issue in user update when some user information is not given in AD.
  • ET72U12-118: Fix for the issue where Enterprise Activity engine fails to detect admin activity for some users.
  • ET72U12-120: Fix for memory leak in vista agent if LFM processing fails for a file.
  • ET72U12-121: Fix for the issue where sometimes the diagnostic utility gets stuck while saving data.
  • ET72U12-122: Fix for incorrect process path in NCM events.
  • ET72U12-123: Fix for the issue where receiver stops processing events if alert suppression is enabled.
  • ET72U12-126: Fix for the issue where USB monitoring events are not getting written to windows event log if application fails to get SID of the user.
  • ET72U12-128: Allowing email ids with single quote.
  • ET72U12-129: Fix for the issue where receiver stops while performing remedial action for event with large description.
  • ET72U12-130: Display of loading image when site is changed in the log search page.
  • ET72U12-131: Fix for CM not showing updated CP systems under certain conditions.
  • ET72U12-132: Enhanced Agent side filters to allow negating the results of description match.

Who should read this document
Customers who use 7.2 – Build 69


Affected software
EventTracker Receiver, EventTracker Agent, EventTracker Reports, EventTracker Scheduler, EventTracker Alerter, EventTracker EventVault, EventTracker Web

Non-affected software

Process to apply Update

  1. Download Update
  2. Place the Update ET72U12-SP2.exe in the destination computer.
  3. Execute the exe.