Released on : 29 March 2013
Applies to Version: 7.3 – Build 44

EventTracker Service Pack 2 for v7.3 Build 44.

List of updates contained in this service pack:-

  • ET73U12-032: Enhanced Agent side filters to allow negating the results of description match.
  • ET73U12-033: Fix issue of reporter service launching multiple process for same report.
  • ET73U12-034: Fix for scheduler service fails to start when behavior rule is added/modified.
  • ET73U12-037: Fix for issue while importing a filter the description was not imported,
  • ET73U12-038: Fix for overflow error when moving large amount of archives.
  • ET73U12-039: Fix for handling multiple user filters during report generation for post vista events.
  • ET73U12-041: Fix for add monitoring option in system manager for syslog, solaris, cisco devices.
  • ET73U12-042: Fix for event description truncated while reading evt/evtx file.
  • ET73U12-043: Feature for accepting wild cards in IP behavior filters.
  • ET73U12-047: Fix to include syslog systems in system report and change in syslog license verification.
  • ET73U12-048: Fix for collection master fails to allocate statement handle.
  • ET73U12-049: Fix for the issue where Agent service fails to start on some systems.
  • ET73U12-050: Performance improvement in evaluating user defined behavior rules.
  • ET73U13-051: Fix for handling custom location of database files in backup and restore operation.
  • ET73U13-052: Fix for non-us date setting validation issue in log search.
  • ET73U13-053: Fix for the issue where archive purging is not being performed when no Collection Master is configured on a Collection Point.
  • ET73U13-054: Agent configuration protection validation is disabled in windows agent config.
  • ET73U13-055: Fix for the issue where event id 2043 gets generated for unmanaged/non-reporting systems.
  • ET73U13-057: In Collection Master, modified site based flex reports are getting cancelled.
  • ET73U13-060: Fix for wrong event count display in admin dashlets and fix for specifying DateTime fields while configuring custom logs in manager DLA.
  • ET73U13-062: Direct Log Archiver is not processing the log files when a wildcard is specified in Logfile Extension field.
  • ET73U13-063: Behavior engine fails to insert behavior analysis statistics into database when number of out of ordinary activities is huge.
  • ET73U13-066: Fix for wrong system data during export of alert configuration.
  • ET73U13-067: Fix for event count mismatch while doing log search for users.
  • ET73U13-068: Agent service modified to generate Event Id 3202 only for services with Automatic start type during the daily service check.
  • ET73U13-072: Fix for SQL login failure when user is made as administrator in EventTracker application.
  • ET73U13-076: “Event Computer” and “Event Time” properties added to syslog message alert action.
  • ET73U13-077: Direct Log Archiver Extension action type “Execute script” does not pass the complete file path as single parameter to the script if the configured path contains space character.
  • Provided configuring option of “Update agent version” & “Agent health check frequency” in Manager Configuration under “Agent Settings” tab.
  • Fix for the issue where editing email and subject details of an alert effects change in another alert definition.

Who should read this document
Customers who use 7.3 – Build 44


Affected software
EventTracker Alerter, EventTracker Web, EventTracker Receiver, EventTracker Reports, EventTracker Remote Installer, EventTracker Agent, EventTracker EventVault UI.

Non-affected software
EventTracker EventVault, EventTracker Scheduler.

Process to apply Update

  1. Download Update
  2. Place the Update ET73U13-SP2.exe in the destination computer.
  3. Execute the exe.