Released on : 17 March 2014
Applies to Version: 7.5 – Build 29

EventTracker Service Pack 1 for v7.5 Build 29.

The following updates are included in this service pack.

  • ET75U13-006: Fix for count mis-match when searched from trending in basic logsearch.
  • ET75U13-007: Fix for agent-less issues.
  • ET75U13-008: Fix for no data shown in incident tabular view when non-admin user logs in.
  • ET75U13-009: Fix for data display issues in incident dashboard.
  • ET75U13-010: Cumulative update for issues in log search and incidents dashboard.
  • ET75U13-011: Optimizations in data transfer between Collection Point and Collection Master. EventTracker VCP receiver process stops with exception.
  • ET75U13-012: Added support for users in list management.
  • ET75U13-013: Fix for blocking of report generation when license usage violation happens.
  • ET75U13-014: Support for custom separator in DLA and fix for issues in log search.
  • ET75U13-015: Fix for error in log search and reports config when user has no group permissions on CM.
  • ET75U13-016: Fix for unquoted service path issue in EventTracker Remote Agent Installer
  • ET75U14-018: Fix for logbook reference issues in reports and config assessment.
  • ET75U14-019: Fix for issue where EventTracker Agent service fails to start on Windows 2000 system. Fix for issue in upgrading 64-bit agent from 32-bit EventTracker Console.
  • ET75U14-020: Fix for handling of browser pop-ups when pop-up blocker is enabled.
  • ET75U14-021: Fix for issue where log search was not showing few event id’s like 4768, 4771 and 4772 when searched from behavior.
  • ET75U14-022: Agentless deployment fix for some regional settings.
  • ET75U14-023: Fix for excluding agentless system from non-reporting systems report.
  • ET75U14-025: Fix for log search showing wrong date validation message in UK time-zone.
  • ET75U14-026: Fix for the LFM issue where log rotation is not getting detected and access denied while opening EventTracker Agent configuration UI.
  • ET75U14-027: Feature for customizing the application logo for each user.
  • Option to purge the transaction logs on hourly basis in diagnostic.
  • Diagnostic fails to show all CP details at CM console if cab is not received from any CP at first time.
  • Fix for the issue where EventTracker receiver was getting crashed.

Who should read this document
Customers who use 7.5 – Build 29


Affected software
EventTracker Agent, EventTracker Receiver, EventTracker Scheduler, EventTracker Alerter, EventTracker Reports, EventTracker Indexer, EventTracker Web.

Non-affected software
EventTracker EventVault

Process to apply Update

  1. Download Update
  2. Place the Update ET75U14-SP1 in the destination computer.
  3. Execute the exe.