Released on : 10 Aug 2018
Applies to Version : 9.0 Build 18

Index External DLA cabs in Elasticsearch based on configurable flag.

Other Enhancements

  • Fix for the issue where correl receiver is not processing any events.
  • Fix for available groups are not displaying in Delete group windows.
  • Archive based Logsearch not able to search data for specific syslog group.

Who should read this document
Customers who use 9.0 Build 18


Affected software
EventTracker EventVault, EventTracker Web, EventTracker Elasticsearch Indexer, Logfile Parser.

Non-affected software
EventTracker Reports, EventTracker Alerter, EventTracker Remote Installer, EventTracker Scheduler, EnterpriseActivity, EventTracker Agent.

Process to apply Update

  1. Download Update
  2. Place the Update ET90U18-021.exe in the destination computer.
  3. Execute the exe.