Released on : 6 February 2019
Applies to Version : 9.0 Build 18

Audit events for incidents acknowledgement.

Other Enhancements

  • Parsing rule: 
    • ?Fix for the issue where application throws an error something went wrong while doing further extracting on selected token contains the <> (tags) in the token template.
    • Fix for the issue where value separator contain tag then the application throws an error something went wrong.
  • Knowledge Object: EventTracker application is throwing an error “Something Went Wrong” when the message signature and exception contains REGEX.
  • Elastic search: The elastic search indexer stopped working after made changes in the database and elasticsearch.yml file.
  • ExportImport utility:
    • ?Importing more systems (>350) throwing ODBC error.
    • Validation added for Behavior rule while import.
  • Incidents:
    • ?Performance improvement in tabular.
    • Bulk acknowledge – audit log not writing
  • Reports: Performance improvement in report dashboard.
  • Log search: Archive search with Regex contains custom tags throws an error.
  • User management: The CP site permission is not displaying in the View profile option even if the user has CP permission.
  • Manager DLA: Fix for issue where always considering systems if configured DLA in the report information.
  • Relay syslog: The existing syslog relay configuration in not being shown in the system manager in case config folder is not created in the agent folder.
  • Targets: Redirection from the custom dashboard (Home) unable to add casebook
  • Incident Tile: Fix for issue where Action item not focusing to respective tab in Alert action.
  • User preference: Fix for issue where User preference window not opening once it is closed.
  • Forgot password: Email validation added.
  • User Profile: Only one site is displaying even if the user has more site permission.
  • Unsafe Process: Unable to add an attachment to casebook from Dormant tab.
  • EventTracker Casebook integration with Professional Services Automation tool (ConnectWise).

Who should read this document
Customers who use 9.0 Build 18


Affected software
EventTrackerWeb, Elasticsearch Indexer

Non-affected software
EventTracker Reports, EventTracker Remote Installer, EventTracker EventVault, EventTracker Agent, EventTracker Alerter, EventTracker Scheduler, EventTracker Receiver, EnterpriseActivity, Event Correlator.

Process to apply Update

  1. Download Update
  2. Place the Update ET90U19-053.exe in the destination computer.
  3. Execute the exe.