Released on : 26 November 2020

Applies to Version : 9.3 Build 5

Cumulative fixes for v9.3

Who should read this document
Customers who use 9.3 Build 5


New enhancement

  • Enhancements in event transfer protocol for windows and syslog messages to improve the overall throughput of the sensor

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements in sensor performance in processing NCM events and updating .etw file.
  • Improvements in elastic indexer performance.
  • Improvements in report generation performance.
  • Fix for the Two-factor authentication (2FA) issue where in 2FA was not working when using email address to login to EventTracker application.
  • Fix for the data export issue in Incident tiles dashboard.
  • Fix for the log search issue in Machine learning dashboard.
  • Fix for the log search export issue when logs does not have tags associated.
  • Fix for the issue where event id 3090 is getting generated for syslog group and syslog system.
  • Fix for the issue where Machine learning was capturing the incorrect IP address data.
  • Fix for the issue where cache data getting copied to default path even though custom location is configured if it fails to read the path from database.
  • Fix for the issue where jet.tmp files are getting retained after temporary MDB operation.
  • Fix for the issue where offline archives are not get updated as DLA where cache MDB has multiple days data.
  • Fix for the reporter service getting struck in rare condition.

Affected software
EventTracker Agent, EventTracker Alerter, EventTracker Elasticsearch Indexer, EnterpriseActivity, EventTracker EventVault, EventTracker Receiver, EventTracker Web and EventTracker Reports

Non-affected software
Event Correlator, EventTracker Daemon, EventTracker Remote Installer and EventTracker Scheduler

Process to apply Update

  1. Download Update
  2. Place the Update ET93U20-041.exe in the destination computer.
  3. Execute the exe.