Simplify Risk and Vulnerability Management​

Comprehensive vulnerability management is the foundation of a proactive cybersecurity operation, moving beyond reactive measures like firewalls to improve the ability to address future incidents. Vulnerability management begins with asset discovery and reconnaissance. You can then focus on specific network segments and priority assets. Many compliance regulations like HIPAA and PCI DSS require vulnerability assessments and scans. A managed vulnerability service saves you time and minimizes your risk and attack surface.

Proactive Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management can reduce your attack surface, but it requires technical resources and skills. If not done correctly, the results can be full of false positives that waste time or false negatives that give you a false sense of security when there are gaps. We integrate with leading vulnerability software tools, or can provide Netsurion Vulnerability Management that is a comprehensive service that simplifies vulnerability scanning and augments your team and skills.​

Proactive Vulnerability Management

Why Netsurion?​


Experts on hand

Our vulnerability scans are backed by up-to-date threat intelligence and performed by our Netsurion SOC experts for the most effective scan.


Prioritize highest risks

We correlate your data with multiple threat intelligence feeds to monitor and prioritize vulnerability remediation while keeping in mind the value of your assets, so that you can plug the most important holes first.

Convenient Scans

Convenient scans

You pick when you want your scans to occur so that they don’t interfere, but still allow for continual monitoring across servers, endpoints, networks, containers, and cloud assets.

Integrated Results

Integrated results

Using an expert-backed solution means that you have the most accurate results, not false positives that waste your time. And with holistic threat context, all from a single console.

Remediation recommendations

Remediation recommendations

After a scan is performed, our team of security experts will provide remediation recommendations so you know how to prioritize and fix your vulnerabilities.

Detailed reports

Detailed reports and dashboard

All of your scans and reports are integrated into a customized dashboard so that you can simplify security compliance and track results to improve over time.