67 min video

Threat actors are increasingly gathering across the dark web to coordinate, plan, and launch attacks, some of which can be exposed via intelligence. Organizations can utilize dark web intelligence to be alerted of potential attacks by detecting compromised credentials, exposed systems, targeted vulnerabilities, and target lists.

It’s time to better understand what is being planned and where – so the defense can be more proactive. You can use intelligence insights to enable your SOC to plan for an upcoming attack by updating rules, designed to alert on specific hashes, code or IPs, or by searching for exposed systems that are a known target.In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why dark web intelligence is moving beyond credential dumps
  • How threat actors use the dark web to coordinate attacks and target organizations
  • Methods for detecting if you or your customers are an upcoming target, and how SOCs can actively use via a STIX/TAXI integration
  • Military-grade investigative approaches to dark web intelligence now available to the private sector