how msps are delivering ir v2

43 min video

In this episode of the Partnering for Cybersecurity Success webinar series, we talk about the common struggles with cybersecurity incident response (IR) – the confusion, the difficulty, and the opportunity!

In cybersecurity, we talk about a lot of necessary capabilities – wider telemetry coverage, deeper threat detection, increasing automation and decreasing noise, but really its about one thing – better, faster incident response! All of these are means to that end. So, how can an MSP deliver effective IR? You’ll discover:

  • What are the key components of complete Incident Response?
  • How does telemetry coverage, threat intelligence, machine learning, and automation play a role?
  • How to create an Incident Response plan for your clients with proper swimlanes?
  • How to be the IR hero without doing all the heavy lifting alone?