powerful webcast

43 min video

Creating a cost-effective cybersecurity service to meet the needs of all customers, from simple to complex networks, is difficult. MSPs often end up with underutilized technology, overwhelmed staff, and reduced operating margins in the process. The MSP community has long called for “cybersecurity convergence,” but beware of losing the ability to tailor services to each client’s specific cybersecurity requirements. So, how can you consolidate and streamline SecOps while maintaining flexibility and scalability?

In this webinar, Netsurion’s panel of experts will unpack the challenges of delivering effective cybersecurity services as a service provider and best practices for implementing a powerful yet flexible cybersecurity program that fits your customers’ needs while simplifying your tech stack and reducing operational costs. 

You will learn:

  • How to provide managed security services that flex to meet the demands of customers with a minimal investment in security to those with w/ diverse networks and existing investments in security and threat hunting needs.
  • Best practices for avoiding rip and replace and multiple vendors while optimizing the capability and value of your customers security control investments.
  • Selecting the right security solution and educating your customers.