49 min video

In today’s Service Provider ecosystem, SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) has become an accepted model for delivering cybersecurity capabilities.  Unfortunately, many SOCaaS and MDR providers are limited in what they can deliver to their customers and partners.  The SOC needs several contingencies in order for it to be truly worthwhile.

Today’s leading SOCaaS providers are moving beyond simply monitoring logs and alerts, and are moving towards Managed Threat Protection (MTP).   MTP incorporates multiple layers of predictive, protective, and monitoring technologies, and expands on the capabilities of SOCaaS.

Without the right complementary technologies, and a well performing SOC, Service Providers will be challenged by the sophisticated attacks that now reach customers of all sizes and industries.

Learn how Service Providers and their SOCaaS providers can effectively tackle:

  • How MTP differs from SOCaaS
  • Which technologies should be included in a robust MTP platform
  • Leveraging MITRE ATT&CK to get ahead of emerging threats
  • Effectively incorporating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Why MTP should monitor the whole network, not just the datacenter
  • Extracting intelligence from the data, Reporting and Dashboards
  • How MTP can be a force multiplier and help scale revenue