A true story of how one organization was impacted by a data breach.

This executive brief shares the true story of an organization, who we’ll call Business X to protect their confidentiality, that implemented typical IT security practices and relied on seasoned in-house staff. You’ll learn what their cybersecurity practices included, how they were attacked, how their defenses failed, and what damage was ultimately done.

Business X management prioritized investment in operational areas and thought their data security infrastructure was capable only to discover too late the gaps that existed. As a result, the network was totally reliant on “perfect prevention” which is both impossible and impractical. The management team is now wiser and moving to plug this gap by implementing an adaptive security model encompassing prediction, prevention, detection, and response.

Use this story to help your organization make an informed decision to weigh the cost of “prevention” with a powerful yet practical cybersecurity strategy versus the cost of cure in the aftermath of a data breach.