The cybersecurity staffing crisis has IT teams vulnerable to attack

A Security Operations Center (SOC) allows organizations to fully monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats 24/7/365. But the obstacles to build and maintain an in-house SOC are significant. The high cost of hardware and software alone is daunting, but even more expensive is the process of recruiting, training, and retaining a team of qualified cybersecurity analysts.

SOC-as-a-Service makes 24/7/365 monitoring a reality

EventTracker by Netsurion delivers a 24/7/365 ISO-certified SOC-as-a-Service, powered by our own SC Media-recognized SIEM and AAA-rated EDR solution. Our analysts work as an extension of your in-house team to understand your environment and proactively respond to threats as they occur.






How SOC-as-a-Service works

With a light-weight sensor deployed to your critical endpoints, any anomalies or suspicious activity trigger alerts. Our team of skilled analysts work in tandem with your team to tune the service to your environment, learning what you consider threats as well as those you do not so you can automate responses to specific events.

Monitor Systems
and User Behavior
  • User behavior and activity analysis
  • Event correlation
  • 400-day searchable log retention
  • Monitor  file and app changes
  • Threat dashboard
Detect Cyber
Attacks Instantly
  • Removable media inserts and file copying
  • Group security policy changes
  • Abnormal network or system activity
  • Abnormal user activity or remote access
  • Application installs
  • Remediation recommendations and advice
  • Vulnerability and intrusion detection
  • Prioritization that eliminates alert fatigue

Zero to SOC

Download the “From Zero to SOC: Attain a Security Operations Center through SOC-as-a-Service” whitepaper to learn more about the real requirements for a SOC and discover the most practical way to get the targeted, tailored protection you need without breaking the bank.


Trusted ISO-Certified SOC

Our Security Operations Center (SOC), has been audited and formally certified as compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This certification emphasizes EventTracker’s strong commitment to providing the highest levels of security to enterprises.

  More About our Certification

Let’s talk about how SOC-as-a-Service can work for you.

We’d love the opportunity to discuss your specific IT security and staffing challenges and demonstrate how our award-winning SIEM platform and unique co-managed SOC services can provide the world-class protection your organization needs against today’s relentless threats.

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