Minimize attack surface risk from endpoints, servers, networks, cloud, and SaaS applications to speed up threat detection and response.​

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Gain insights from an open platform that voids rip-and-replace by leveraging your current infrastructure and tools.​

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Enhance Threat

Blend automation, machine learning, and human experts to investigate internal and external threats in real time before damage is done.​

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An Open Platform with Plug-and-Play Simplicity​

Our open XDR platform sees your entire attack surface – ingesting, normalizing, and correlating security telemetry from thousands of data sources. Keep your existing tools to accelerate tech stack ROI across your endpoints, networks, servers, cloud, and SaaS applications. Boosted by MITRE ATT&CK™ mapping and UEBA-focused machine learning, we log billions of events to block known threats and alert you to real attacks while minimizing false positives.​


Extensible to Scale as you Grow​

Cybersecurity is an arms race in which hackers find new ways to attack and defenders struggle to keep up. Netsurion’s defense-in-depth approach ensures that you have the people, process, and technology to future-proof your security without breaking the bank. Netsurion’s cloud platform drives security operations so that any threat intelligence and adversary insights are leveraged across our entire customer community.​

Talk to a Cybersecurity Advisor

Talk to a Cybersecurity Advisor

Looking to optimize your cybersecurity posture with Managed XDR? Choosing the right partner is crucial. Talk to a Cybersecurity Advisor to see if we're a fit.

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