Managed Edge Networking with BranchSDO

Netsurion’s Secure Edge Networking solution provides the unmatched flexibility and scalability to meet your demanding edge networking needs. So, what does this mean to you and your business?

Digital transformation in retail and hospitality is critical today. Large and small businesses are constantly adapting to changing consumer behaviors and optimizing cost efficiencies. This requires a secure, always-on, and easy to manage network that can act as a launchpad for innovation and growth amid a rapidly changing world. Protecting data and transactions, and quickly responding to cybersecurity threats and point-of-sale (POS) internet outages are a must.

Why Netsurion?

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Consolidate technology, streamline PCI DSS compliance, and improve management efficiency.​

Increase Security and Scalability

Gain better visibility, improve threat prevention and detection, and deploy sites rapidly.​​



Multi-layer security controls and monitoring



Rapid plug-and-play deployment and cloud orchestration​



Automatic cellular failover and Quality-of-Service control​



Streamlined PCI DSS toolset, reporting, and support​

Unmatched Scalability and Simplicity​

Future-proof your cybersecurity with Netsurion’s managed platform approach consisting of a powerful platform at the core, additional managed security controls consumed as a service, and the support of a fully-staffed NOC and SOC.

Unmatched Scalability and Simplicity​

Award-Winning Cybersecurity

Recognized for powerful, flexible managed cybersecurity that:

  • Simplifies your technology stack with a managed platform
  • Adapts to the ever-changing threat landscape via cloud-deployed controls
  • Protects 24/7 to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to attacks

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Best Cybersecurity Company
Zero Trust Security
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Customize Your Secure Edge Networking

Our managed platform approach to cybersecurity gives you unmatched flexibility and scalability. Check out our Solution Advisor Wizard to customize a managed secure edge networking solution that fits your business needs.

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