Netsurion has added three new threat detection enhancements to help in the battle against complex attack patterns and zero-day attacks. These enhancements are part of the Netsurion Open XDR 9.4 release. 

Customers and partners will benefit from these greater threat detection capabilities that include:

  • Detection Rules Framework: Using Query DSL, Netsurion’s Detection Rules Framework allows you to create search-based detection rules for any pattern of concern. Netsurion has included new detection rules out-of-the-box addressing APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), password spraying, and brute force attacks.
  • Enhanced MITRE ATT&CK alignment: We continuously adapt to changes in the MITRE ATT&CK framework. In this release, we’ve included the ability to specify sub-techniques and create detection of either many known MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques or multiple instances of any.
  • Enhanced Application Control: In addition to Netsurion’s core threat detection and response capabilities, Netsurion includes Application Control for additional endpoint protection. In this release, Netsurion Application Control is more powerful due to tighter integration with Netsurion Threat Center, our threat intelligence platform, which includes our own threat intelligence sources plus many industry-standard threat feeds.

Netsurion Managed XDR is a comprehensive threat detection and incident response solution. 

To take advantage of Netsurion Open XDR 9.4, contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM). If you are not currently a Netsurion customer, contact us to learn more.