EventTracker Log Management

EventTracker Log Management is a proven, scalable log management solution that provides network and system administrators with early threat detection, operational awareness, and the ability to demonstrate compliance with industry regulations and internal security policies. The foundation of EventTracker technology, EventTracker Log Management, allows administrators to monitor the systems and components that they are responsible for and provide them with real-time alerting and in-memory correlation.

Identify Potential Threats

Discovering the critical intelligence hidden in your log data helps you identify potential threats and risks to your network.

EventTracker Log Management constantly collects disparate log data and provides actionable intelligence reports to help you secure your network while meeting compliance requirements. With over 1,500 pre-defined reports and high-speed indexed search for all logs, we help you quickly simplify log management.

Powerful Features

Real-time Alerting

  • Rule-based alerts with dashboard updates and email notification
  • Incident Response Management: acknowledge, annotate, forward
  • Pre-configured alerts for hundreds of security and operational conditions

Detection and Remediation

  • Find advanced threats on endpoints and servers with built-in endpoint detection and response
  • One sensor, one console
  • Comprehensive visibility

Fast Log Search

  • Logs are indexed to Elastic Search using an extensible Common Indexing Model, flexible UI allows drill down, pivot, and include/exclude, export
  • Time slicing, trending and hundreds of pre-built common queries

Secure Log Storage

  • Optimized, high performance Event Vault with no DBMS license required
  • Archives are tamper evident with SHA-I checksum
  • Over 90% compression for efficient long-term log archiving


  • Drillable dashboards to visualize important data

Regulatory Compliance Support

From PCI-DSS to HIPAA to ISO-27001, no matter which standard you follow, we've got you covered.


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EventTracker SIEM Trial

EventTracker SIEM Trial

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