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Coordinated Ransomware Attacks Hit Resource-Constrained Municipalities

Coordinated Ransomware Attacks Hit Resource-Constrained Municipalities

A financially motivated ransomware gang hit 23 local governments in Texas in a coordinated attack last week. Ransomware is a type of malicious software, often delivered via...

Black Hat Recap: Cybersecurity Insights That Enhance Security Operations

Black Hat Recap: Cybersecurity Insights That Enhance Security Operations

Black Hat 2019 was a learning experience and success for all. All of the hackers, presenters, vendors, and attendees have gone home, but what you learned in Vegas doesn...

Mitigate Software Supply Chain Attacks with SIEM and EDR

Mitigate Software Supply Chain Attacks with SIEM and EDR

At Black Hat 2019, Eric Doerr, GM of the Microsoft Security Response Center, reminded attendees of the interconnectedness of enterprise software supply chains and of their...

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Dollar Prevention is Worth a Bitcoin of Cure

A Dollar of Prevention is Worth a Bitcoin of Cure

A true story of how one organization was impacted by a data breach. This executive brief shares the true story of an organization, who we’ll call Business X to...


Why is VPN Hard and How do You Make it Easy?

With all the benefits and features that SD-WAN architectures bring to businesses and distributed enterprises, there are also new challenges...

Choosing the Right SD-WAN

Many businesses are flocking to this new technology called “SD-WAN” as the solution to these challenges. However, in their eagerness to solve these problems...


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What to expect from your SOC-as-a-Service

Are you experiencing a shrinking IT budget and a shortage of cybersecurity experts? Building and retaining a 24/7 SOC team in-house is possible with SOC-as-a-Service. It’s an effective way to combat data breaches without DIY challenges.

Cybersecurity Threats in 2019

How SMBs are Dealing with Cybersecurity Threats in 2019?

Small and medium-size (SMBs) have been the target of cyber attacks for a while now, however most are still not protecting themselves. Why? While SMBs are understanding that they are the targets for attacks...


If you’re wondering if SD-WAN is right for your IT environment, we can help you out. Many IT leaders are excited about the benefits of SD-WAN over MPLS such as cost reduction, agility, versatility, ease of deployment, and the options to improve security...

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Take the PCI Compliance Quiz

Learn how to simplify the process and be audit-ready at all times, while still focusing on your business. Take 5 minutes to learn which of the 12 requirements you need to...

Are You Prepared for Retail Ransomware?

Take the assessment to find out your risk level and revenue impact potential, since the rise of ransomware attacks on retailers, with this custom risk and impact report.

SIEM TCO Calculator

Maximize the value from SIEM. Use this SIEM calculator to compare the cost of Co-Managed SIEM and Traditional SIEM.

Case Studies

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Co-Managed SIEM - Insurance Company

Co-Managed SIEM - Insurance Company

We built our security processes around Netsurion’s EventTracker Co-managed security. We want to be proactive versus reactive and adopt advanced cybersecurity features to add coverage beyond our three-person IT team

Netsurion MSP Partner

Netsurion MSP Partner

Netsurion’s EventTracker Essentials solution is the single most important product we’ve launched in our company’s history. We feel that with this offering we are at the forefront of IT security...

FTS Solutions

We look at Netsurion as a strategic, long-term partner, offering a great product at an affordable price. Netsurion is easy to do business with and we look forward to doing more together in the future.